As part of our commitment to promoting Zero Waste sustainability practices, the Evergreen Sustainability Alliance offers a local commercial composting program to make it easy for businesses and organizations to dispose of organic waste in an environmentally responsible manner.

Composting keeps organic waste out of landfills where it decomposes and contributes to methane levels in the atmosphere, a potent greenhouse gas and major contributor to climate change. Composting also helps make fertile, nutrient-rich soil, incredibly important for growing nutritious food.

Cactus Jack’s Saloon was our founding commercial composting subscriber, helping to get the program off the ground along with about 30 residential subscribers. Prior to joining the program, Cactus Jack’s had already been composting with vermiculture for a number of years.

Vivian’s Gourmet and the Highland Haven Creekside Inn joined quickly thereafter.

Dedicated parents have opened doors into local schools, as well. Lookout Mountain Preschool utilized our program last year, while Scraps to Soil in Idaho Springs provided a generous sponsorship to support the participation of Clear Creek Middle and High School. We applaud your efforts!

If you’re looking for a hot cup of joe, the Muddy Buck and Starbucks at Safeway divert their coffee grounds from the landfill by giving them away to local farmers and gardeners. The coffee grounds help boost nutrients in the soil. (And, don’t forget to bring your reusable cup!).

Are you a local business or restaurant looking to begin composting or employing more Zero Waste best practices? Drop us a line—we’d love the opportunity to hear more and find ways to support your efforts.

Learn more about the Evergreen Sustainability Alliance’s Residential and Commercial Composting programs. Here’s a snapshot of our members picking up nutrient-rich soil, just part of the composting services we provide in the Evergreen, CO area:

Compost pick-up day for members