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Cozy Up at Home for an Environmental Film Night!

Environmental documentaries tend to be - *ahem*- a tad bleak. Rightfully so, we suppose. The truth about climate change, species extinction, and ecosystem collapse is dire. However, us long-time environmentalists at ESA tend to gravitate toward the films that offer a solution, that inspire, that spark action among viewers since we know only dropping the negative news makes folks feel [MORE...]

We Did a Lot in 2020! Support Us for an Even Better 2021!

Dear Friend and Supporter of the Evergreen Sustainability Alliance,  Happy Holidays! The Evergreen Sustainability Alliance team (formerly Evergreen’s Alliance for Sustainability + You or EAS+Y) hopes that you consider a year-end donation to us. We made a big impact in 2020 thanks to your support!  This is a critically important time to mitigate the climate crisis. With record wildfires ravaging our nation [MORE...]

Take the “Choose to Refuse” Plastic-Free Challenge this Month!

How’s your plastic-free July going? Here are some tips and tricks for avoiding single-use plastic* and spreading the word: Food & Drink I carry my reusable water bottle everywhere, and I always have a reusable coffee mug on hand in case a coffee craving hits. I’ll often put extras in my car just in case, along with my reusable bags. [MORE...]

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Our Support of the Black Lives Matter Movement & Social Justice

Dear Evergreen area communities, For over 10 years, Evergreen’s Alliance for Sustainability’s stated vision for Evergreen has been, “a mountain community in which all beings thrive and prosper in social, environmental, and economic harmony by honoring the interconnection, interdependence, as well as inclusivity in all of nature’s healthy systems. We see all human activity integrated with nature’s balance.” It stands [MORE...]

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COVID-19: An Unfriendly Reminder of What We’ve Forgotten, the Power of Community & a Lesson of Hope

Trees don’t think about sharing their nutrients: they just do it. Flowers don’t think about sharing their pollen or their beauty: they just do it. We don’t think about sharing our oxygen with plants and they don’t think about sharing their CO2 with us: we just do it. The paradox that selflessness is actually selfish — that individuals benefit when [MORE...]

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