How’s your plastic-free July going? Here are some tips and tricks for avoiding single-use plastic* and spreading the word:

Food & Drink

I carry my reusable water bottle everywhere, and I always have a reusable coffee mug on hand in case a coffee craving hits. I’ll often put extras in my car just in case, along with my reusable bags. As for food, avoiding plastic without bulk food stores around can by tricky. In the summer, I try to stick to farmer’s markets and stores where I can bring my own bags and avoid plastic completely. Buying in bulk can help reduce packaging waste as well. All of these choices are also better for my family’s health and our pocket-book!


I’ve been enjoying a bamboo toothbrush with charcoal bristles for years now, and my dentist says my teeth are as good as always. I also have plastic free dental floss that is refillable. Tom’s toothpaste has partnered with TerraCycle so I can send in my old tube for free. I use Lush products for face wash and lotion since I can return the containers to be recycled. Lush even has a lot of package-free products.


Try carrying your own reusable straw, utensils, napkins, and even cups and plates if you are know you are going to a restaurant or party where single-use plastic will be used. If you just plain forget, don’t worry: save your plastic utensils, wash them, and reuse them so you can divert some waste. If you are an individual or nonprofit hosting an event, e-mail us to see about renting sets of dinnerware to keep your event plastic-free!


When someone asks about the utensils you brought or why you refused a straw, tell them your story. I am still amazed by the number of friends I have who don’t know about microplastics, microfibers, or adverse affects of plastics on human health, let alone the negative impact of plastic on the world’s oceans. Most importantly, when people discover how easy it is to reduce their plastic footprint, they probably will too!

Note: EAS+Y is not affiliated with or endorsing any of the referenced products. These products are simply helpful examples.

Choose to Refuse Single Use Plastic