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Energy Audits: Discover Savings in Your Home or Office

Did you know there is money buried in our homes and retail or office buildings? It’s in the electrical wires, appliances, walls, attic, furnace room, fireplace, kitchen and bathrooms. An assessment or audit of the energy use in your buildings can help you discover where your money is hidden, where energy is being wasted, and where you can realize savings [MORE...]

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Energy Efficiency 101: Easy Ways to Save Energy (and Money!) at Your Place of Business

Saving energy and reducing your carbon footprint at your place of business is easier than you think, and it will save you money, too. Start here with some simple and easy energy conservation tips! Occupant Behavior Simple changes in habits and office culture can save significant amounts of energy. Are lights left on when workers leave? Are computers on 24/7?  [MORE...]

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Energy Efficiency 101: How to Save Energy at Home in Colorado

Saving energy and money is quick and easy with these three ways to save energy in your home! Use less energy for lighting You may have more light bulbs burning than are needed. Use daylighting instead of electric lighting when possible. De-lamp fixtures where possible. A lighting audit can measure light levels and inform you of optimal lighting levels for [MORE...]

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