Meet this month’s “Sustainability Snapshot,” Old Pine Candle Co., and learn more about their efforts to live sustainably:

What inspired you to adopt more sustainable practices in your life?

The earth is taking care of us (oxygen, food, water, a home) and it feels like it’s our duty to be conscious of how our actions are impacting our home. I also care about how we’re leaving the planet for future generations. As I and Old Pine evolve, it’s a priority to cultivate a family and a company that gives back to the planet and takes it seriously.

Sustainability Snapshot: Old Pine Candle Co.

Can you give some examples of how you practice a sustainable lifestyle (either related to zero waste, renewable energy, conservation, involvement with the Evergreen Sustainability Alliance, etc.)?

As a company, we started a jar and wax recycling initiative. We collect used Old Pine candle jars and offer a $2 discount on a new candle in exchange. We clean them out, give the wax to someone who uses it in their products, and we are planning a special line using these reclaimed jars. In our production process, we collect wax that drips from our melter, and we’re planning on using it in this line, making these candles almost 100 percent reclaimed and recycled. We haven’t figured out how to reuse wicks!

Individually, we are each dedicated to sustainability in our personal lives. Dani became a member of the Evergreen Sustainability Alliance’s composting program last year and is thrilled with the difference it has made on the waste her family produced.

Susan joined Compost Colorado recently and hasn’t looked back! She is also making her own cleaning solutions and refilling them in glass bottles to cut back on plastic consumption.

Josie is the most sustainable of us all and is the queen of second hand! She has that special diligence and patience to find what she needs at second hand stores, and is always reusing and refilling containers. She always reminds us when the Evergreen Sustainability Alliance’s refill pop-ups are coming up!

What words of wisdom do you have for someone just getting started on their journey to ‘go green’?

Baby steps. I think it’s the only way for us to create new habits. I started a few years ago, bringing my own mug to coffee shops or using the coffee shop’s mug. It made my transition and commitment to remembering my grocery bags much easier when I was ready to take on more responsibility. My next focus is on utilizing my travel utensil case from Newd Elements so I always have reusable utensils when I’m on-the-go. Don’t get discouraged or overwhelmed by the thought of living “zero” waste. Focus on less waste and remember that every little bit counts.