Meet this month’s “Sustainability Snapshot,” Natalie Matthews, and learn more about her efforts to live sustainably:

What inspired you to adopt more sustainable practices in your life?

It is urgent in the next decade to change the impact of human activities on the earth in order for it to sustain life. We can do it if we work in balance with nature and convince others to do the same.

Sustainability Snapshot: Betsy Hoke

Can you give some examples of how you practice a sustainable lifestyle at home (either related to zero waste, renewable energy, or conservation)?

We recycle, are lowering our use of plastics substantially, and have worked to lower our use of energy. I am now leery to throw things “away” and so I seek to find another use them or give theme to others.

What do you think is the biggest roadblock for people trying to practice a sustainable lifestyle?

Changing habits is difficult and our culture is one of convenience and materialism which is not compatible with sustainable living.

We are busy and when we think about what we could/should do to care for the earth, it may seem overwhelming and we throw in the towel and do very little. At times, we are a victim of group think.

“My friends, family, neighbors, and community leaders aren’t doing anything differently except recycling what can go in the green container so the situation must not be that bad. I don’t need to change or worry.” What they don’t realize is that there are a hundred or small changes they could make that would help. If everyone would take ten steps to move toward a more sustainable lifestyle, it would help.

What have you done over the years to support the Evergreen Sustainability Alliance and sustainability in the community?

My first thought is not much, and not enough! I have been on the Evergreen Sustainability Alliance’s Board for at least four years and it has only been in the last twelve months that I have taken a strong stand on sustainability, sharing the information and inspiration to care for the earth with others.

What inspires you on a daily basis to continue practicing sustainability?

I work with young children within Colorado and across the world in Tanzania. When I look at their happy and trusting faces, I am compelled to make changes in my living and to increase awareness in my community.

What words of wisdom do you have for people just getting started on their journey toward a sustainable lifestyle?

Think of your children, grandchildren and other young people that you care about because our love for them and hopes for their future can inspire you to begin making changes in your lifestyle.