Action Recycling Center – 7610 W. 42nd Ave, Wheat Ridge, 303-424-1600, accepts printers and monitors (fee), computers, keyboards, small appliances, auto batteries (pay customer), tin and steel scrap metal (free), non-ferrous metals (pay customer). See for more info on items accepted.

Arvada Recycling – 9630 Ralston Road, Arvada, 303-900-3461, recycles metals, purchases all grades of non-ferrous metals. Call for prices. See for more info.

Blue Star Recyclers – 935 Decatur St, Denver, 303-534-1667, accepts electronics, fluorescent and incandescent light bulbs, computers, TVs and monitors, batteries, cell phones, other items. Fees apply. See for more info.

Clear Creek County Transfer and Recycling Center – 1531 Soda Creek Road, Idaho Springs, 303-679-2482, accepts batteries, fluorescent and grow bulbs, microwaves, smoke detectors, TVs and other items. Different fees apply to in-county and out-of-county residents. See for more info.

Evergreen Rotary Recycle Roundup – annual event normally held in the fall. A variety of items are accepted, some for free, others for a fee. See for more information.

Goodwill Industries Donation Center – 1250 Bergen Parkway, Evergreen, 303-650-7700, accepts laptop/small computers, cell phones, batteries, ink cartridges and more, NO TVs. Larger items can be brought to Goodwill stores.  See for more info.

Rooney Road Recycling Center – 151 S. Rooney Road, Golden, 303-316-6262, available to Jefferson County residents, accepts hazardous household items, electronics, paint and other items. Fees apply. See for more info.

SustainAbility – 6240 W. 54th Ave, Arvada, 303-425-9226, accepts printer ink and toner cartridges, CDs and DVDs, VHS tapes, TVs, batteries, paint, wine corks, metals. Drop-off sites in Denver and Arvada. Fees apply to some items. See for more info.

Item Types

NOTE: Because the recycling industry changes depending on a variety of factors, it is best to contact the facility to verify it is still accepting items before dropping them off.

Antifreeze (in a container with a lid) – Big O’Tires, Evergreen, 303-526-1100 (free); Firestone Complete Auto Care, Evergreen, 303-674-2447 (free).

Appliances – Blue Spruce Habitat for Humanity ReStore, Evergreen, 303-674-4917, (metal appliances); Goodwill Industries, Evergreen, 303-650-7700 (small appliances); Xcel electric customers, 1-866-552-8755 (free pick-up of refrigerators/freezers and $50 cash rebate).

Art, Craft, and School Supplies – Recreative, Denver, 720-638-3128, is a non-profit that accepts clean and usable art, craft, and school supplies and sells them at their retail store located at 765 Santa Fe Drive.

Batteries, Auto – Big O Tires, Evergreen, 303-526-1100 (free); Firestone Complete Auto Care, Evergreen, 303-674-2447 (free); Tom’s Auto Clinic, Kittredge, 303-674-0830 (free); Walmart, Golden, 303-526-1649 (free).

Batteries, Household – Home Depot, Golden, 303-526-4347 (rechargeable, free); Battery Giant, Denver, 303-832-1454 (alkaline for a fee, rechargeable free): Batteries Plus Bulbs, Lakewood, 303-238-5264 (alkaline for a fee, rechargeable free); Rooney Road Recycling Center, Golden, 303-316-6262 (alkaline and chargeable) (fee); Green Mountain Ace Hardware, Lakewood, 303-988-1883 (lithium – free).

Bicycles – Blue Spruce Habitat for Humanity ReStore, Evergreen, 303-674-4917; The Bike Depot (nonprofit), Denver, 303-393-1963; Trips for Kids Denver Metro (nonprofit), 720-454-9722; Recycle Bicycles (nonprofit), Pine, 303-908-7982; Evergreen Rotary Annual Recycle Roundup (contact Evergreen Rotary for date). Bikes Together, 720-403-8757 or 303-393-1963.

Books – Jefferson County Public Library, Evergreen, 303-235-5275; Evergreen Christian Outreach (EChO) Resale Shop, 303-679-8280; Evergreen Animal Protective League (EAPL) Thrift Shop, 303-679-2504; Mountain Books, Conifer, 303-838-4096 (used books for store credit).

Building Materials – Blue Spruce Habitat for Humanity ReStore, Evergreen, 303-674-4917.

Cars – Evergreen Fire Department, 303-674-3145 (uses them for training, must have title); Cars Helping Charities, Morrison, 303-423-2277 (supports Mount Evans Hospice); Blue Spruce Habitat for Humanity ReStore, Evergreen, 303-674-4917.

Car Seats – Colorado State Patrol, Golden, 303-273-1616.

Carpets/Padding Used – iCarpets Inc, Denver, 720-252-7731, carpet (fee), scrap pad (no charge), pick-up available.

Cassette Tapes – METech Recycling, Denver, 720-377-7700. Also accepts the plastic cases; check for fees.

CDs and DVDs SustainAbility Recycling, Arvada, 303-425-9226; METech Recycling, Denver, 720-377-7700. Both places take the plastic cases; check for fees.

Cell Phones – Best Buy, Lakewood, 303-273-5617; Jefferson County Public Library, Evergreen, 303-235-5275 (has a drop-off box); Goodwill Industries, Evergreen, 303-650-7700; Staples, Golden, 303-278-4258; Call2recycle,

Clothes Hangers – Dependable Cleaners, Evergreen, 303-670-3329 (wire hangers only).

Corks, Wine Bottles – SustainAbilityArvada, 303-425-9226.

Electronics (computers, printers, TVs, etc.) – Best Buy, Lakewood, 303-273-5617 (fees apply to computers and TVs); Blue Star Recyclers, Denver, 303-534-1667; Goodwill Industries, Evergreen, 303-650-7700 (no TVs); Staples, Golden, 303-278-4258 (no TVs); Evergreen­ Rotary Annual Recycle Roundup (fees) – contact Evergreen Rotary for date.

Eyeglasses – Evergreen Vision Clinic, Evergreen, 303-674-4143; Walmart, Golden, 303-526-1649; many eyeglass providers collect for Lions Club.

Furniture – Evergreen Christian Outreach (EChO) Resale Shop, 303-679-8280; Evergreen Animal Protective League (EAPL) Thrift Shop, 303-679-2504; Blue Spruce Habitat for Humanity ReStore, Evergreen, 303-674-4917; Mountain Resource Center Resale Store, Conifer, 303-816-9255. Call all of these organizations ahead of time to inquire about pick-ups.

Hazardous Household Waste – Rooney Road Recycling Center, Golden, 303-316-6262.

Hearing Aids – Some audiologistsStarkey Hearing Foundation, Eden Prairie, MN, 866-354-3254.

Ink Cartridges – Staples, Golden, 303-278-4258; Office Depot, Lakewood, 303-277-1553; Goodwill Industries, Evergreen, 303-650-7700; Walmart, Golden, 303-526-1649.

Lawn Chairs, Plastic – Clear Creek County Recycling and Transfer Station, Idaho Springs, 303-679-2482 (chairs must be 100% plastic – no metal or wood parts).

Light bulbs – Home Depot, Golden, 303-526-4347, compact fluorescent bulbs only, no tube or incandescent bulbs (free); Batteries Plus Bulbs, Lakewood, 303-515-7353, fluorescent tubes, compact fluorescent, incandescent bulbs (fees may apply); Rooney Road Recycling Center, Golden, 303-316-6262, fluorescent bulbs (fee); Green Mountain Ace Hardware, Lakewood, 303-988-1883, fluorescent bulbs and tubes (free).

Mattresses, Box Springs, Frames, Toppers – Spring Back Colorado Mattress Recycling, Denver, 720-515-1328, will pick up (fee); A Bedder World, Louisville, 720-263-6094.

Medication (Prescription medications, over-the-counter medications, and vitamins only; NO Sharps items, chemotherapy medications, or marijuana products) – Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office Mountain Precinct Drop Box, 4990 County Highway 73, Evergreen.

Motor Oil (in a container with lid) – Big O’Tires, Evergreen (free), 303-526-1100; Firestone Complete Auto Care, Evergreen, 303-674-2447 (free); O’Reilly Auto Parts, Conifer, 303-838-0534 (free); Rooney Road Recycling Center, Golden, 303-316-6262 (must be less than 5 gallons); Walmart, Golden, 303-526-1649 (free).

Moving Boxes (clean and in good shape) – U-Haul Box Exchange (U-Haul helps customers sell, give away or find boxes and moving supplies – see; Craigslist; The Freecycle Network

Musical Instruments – Bringing Music to Life (nonprofit), SteveB@BringMusic.orgColorado Youth Symphony Orchestra, Denver, 303-573-5152; Rocky Mountain Music Exchange, Evergreen, 303-670-1500 (donates instruments to schools on occasion); schools.

Nursery Pots, Plastic – Sundance Gardens, Evergreen, (303) 670-8211; Tatonka Farms, Conifer, 303-816-4312; Echters Nursery and Garden Center, Arvada, 303-424-7979; Jared’s Nursery, Gift and Garden, Littleton, 303-979-6022.

Packing Material (Styrofoam peanuts, bubble wrap) – Evergreen Shipping Depot, Evergreen, 303-670-0190; UPS Store, Evergreen, 303-670-8700; UPS Store, Conifer, 303-838-8200.

Paint – Aspen Park Hardware Inc., Conifer, 303-697-4778; Clear Creek County Transfer Station, Idaho Springs, 303-679-2482; Rooney Road Recycling Center, Golden, 303-316-6262; Sherwin-Williams, Evergreen, 303-526-0628. See for more info.

Pet Accessories – Evergreen Animal Protective League (EAPL) Thrift Shop, 303-679-2504.

Pharmaceuticals – Clear Creek County Sheriff’s Office, Georgetown, 303-679-2376; Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment’s Colorado Household Medication Take-Back program. See for more information.

Plastic Bags – King Soopers, Evergreen, 303-674-8249; Safeway, Evergreen, 303-674-6625; Walmart, Golden, 303-526-1649; Dependable Cleaners, Evergreen, 303-670-3329 (polyurethane dry cleaner garment bags).

Plastic Film – Visit for locations – most King Soopers locations collect plastic film and Safeway just plastic bags.

Propane and Helium Canisters – MetroGas Inc, Denver, 790 W 64th Ave, 303-428-3036 – canisters (which don’t have to be empty) are accepted at a charge of $0.25/container.

Scrap Metal – Blue Spruce Habitat for Humanity ReStore, Evergreen, 303-674-4917; Action Recycling Center, Wheat Ridge, 303-424-1600.

Shoes, Athletic –Runner’s Roost, Lakewood, 303-991-1851.

Smoke Detectors (containing mercury)  – Green Mountain Ace Hardware, Lakewood, 303-988-1883.

Sports Equipment – Evergreen Animal Protective League (EAPL) Thrift Store, 303-679-2504 (no large exercise equipment); Evergreen Christian Outreach (EChO) Resale Shop, 303-679-8280 (no exercise equipment); Goodwill Industries, Evergreen, 303-650-7700 (no large exercise equipment at this location); Mountain Resource Center Resale Store, Conifer, 303-816-9255 (no skis or exercise equipment); also check with local sport-specific leagues.

Styrofoam (Polystyrene), Rigid – ACH Foam Technologies, Denver, 303-297-3844 (clean, white, rigid non-food containers); Alpine Waste, Denver, 303-744-9881 (customers only); Golden Real Estate, 303-525-1851 (has an unlocked dog kennel next to building where you can drop off clean white rigid Styrofoam – no plastic peanuts, no food containers, no tape or stickers on Styrofoam, must be in bags); SustainAbility Recycling, Arvada, 303-425-9226.

Televisions – Clear Creek County Transfer and Recycling Center, Idaho Springs, 303-679-2482 (fee). Best Buy, Lakewood, 303-273-5617 (fee).

Tires – Big O’Tires, Conifer, 303-816-7088 (fee); Big O’Tires, Evergreen, 303-526-1100 (fee); Goodyear Tires, Evergreen, 303-674-0400 (fee); Firestone Complete Auto Care, Evergreen, 303-674-2447 (fee), Walmart, Golden, 303-526-1649 (fee).

Towels, Bedding, etc. – Evergreen Christian Outreach (EChO) Resale Shop, 303-679-8280; Evergreen Animal Protective League (EAPL) Thrift Shop, 303-679-2504; Mountain Resource Center, Conifer, 303-816-9255.

Toys, Clothes, Shoes, Household Goods – Goodwill Industries, Evergreen, 303-650-7700; Evergreen Animal Protective League (EAPL) Thrift Shop, 303-679-2504; Evergreen Christian Outreach (EChO) Resale Shop, 303-679-8280; Mountain Resource Center Resale Store, Conifer, 303-816-9255.

Wood Slash, Concrete, Asphalt – Oxford Recycling, Englewood, 303-762-1160 (call for fees).

Vacuum Cleaners – Goodwill Industries, Evergreen, 303-650-7700.


Other Resources for Hard-to-Recycle items:

Eco-cycle’s Center for Hard-to-Recycle Materials (CHaRM), Boulder, 303-444-6634. CHaRM accepts many items and also maintains a list of hard-to-recycle items in Boulder County on its website. There is a $3 per-visit facility user fee as well as additional fees for some items. See

Earth911 .