Christie Greene is a founder of WildAware and a long-time supporter of Evergreen Sustainability Alliance. She has been involved with many environmental nonprofits and projects over the years in Evergreen and beyond.

Ginny is a founding board member of the Evergreen Sustainability Alliance and has worked with a variety of nonprofit organizations in the Evergreen area to promote the missions of conservation, energy efficiency and healthy communities.

Ginny studied Environmental Science and Philosophy as an undergraduate; after moving to Evergreen with her husband in 1976, she earned a graduate degree in Urban Planning and Community Development. She worked as a planner for the City of Greenwood Village and in the Community Development section of the Jefferson County Planning Department in her early career, and, while raising her children, has spent most of the past 30 years utilizing her skills to advance community development and conservation through local nonprofit work.

Ginny formed her business, Step Ahead Energy Efficiency Consulting, in 2009, and joined The EML Group in 2012, to help home and building owners create sustainable environments that are economical and respectful of our natural resources.

She is interested in learning how to live more sustainably and is passionate about her role in helping to establish the Evergreen Sustainability Alliance as an organization that can reach and teach others in the community about sustainable lifestyles, as well.

David Lystrom and his wife Karen have lived in Evergreen for 33 years enjoying the mountain lifestyle. Dave retired in 1999 as a senior executive with the U.S. Geological Survey. Since retirement, he has worked in the Evergreen community for about 10 years building homes as a volunteer with Habitat for Humanity. He especially enjoyed organizing construction activities and providing on-the-job training for new volunteers. Dave has served as Chairman of Trustees for the Evergreen United Methodist Church and as treasurer of the Board of Trustees for the Evergreen Unity Church.

During his professional career and retirement Dave has had a longs-standing interest in environmental sustainability. At his home he has implemented energy efficiency, solar hot-water, solar electric, composting and outdoor plus greenhouse gardening. He has been active with the Evergreen Sustainability Alliance and has taken part in the Northwest Earth Institute courses. During 2013 he was a member of the Evergreen Sustainability Alliance’s Community Garden Committee and served as the project manager for construction of the Evergreen Community Garden at Buchanan Park.

Melanie is guest blogger for the Evergreen Sustainability Alliance, and a local travel writer/author and optimistic Colorado gardener. Check out her website for more articles and photos about her travels here and abroad.

Wendy, originally from Wyoming, moved to Evergreen after working overseas and in New York city for twelve years. Wendy and her husband have a young daughter and love the outdoor life that Evergreen offers. With twenty years of market research experience Wendy has a good understanding of consumer behavior. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Sociology and master’s degree in Gerontology. Wendy currently consults for companies in the area of market research from her home in Evergreen.

Wendy’s passions include travel, outdoor sports, gardening and helping her daughter discover all the beauty and possibilities in life. Wendy joined the Evergreen Sustainability Alliance’s Board of Directors in January of 2014.