Saving energy and money is quick and easy with these three ways to save energy in your home!

Use less energy for lighting

You may have more light bulbs burning than are needed. Use daylighting instead of electric lighting when possible. De-lamp fixtures where possible. A lighting audit can measure light levels and inform you of optimal lighting levels for various areas. Use task lighting rather than overhead lighting where appropriate.

Replace incandescent bulbs with fluorescent or LED bulbs to save up to 70% of the energy used for lighting.

Eliminate extra appliances

Many of us have extra refrigerators, some of which are chilling only a few cold drinks. Unplug these extra refrigerators if they are used only when company arrives, and plug them in as needed.

Better yet, recycle the extra chiller and get a rebate from Xcel Energy for doing so. Your remaining, fuller refrigerator will be more efficient because a full refrigerator or freezer does a better job of keeping things chilled than does an empty one.

When you replace an appliance, shop for Energy Star rated equipment. Energy Star appliances use at least 15% (and sometimes as much as 75%) less energy than standard models.

Seal your building envelope

Many homes lose 50% or more of the heating and cooling energy produced by their furnaces or air conditioners. Sealing the spots were leakage occurs can save significant amounts of energy.
Obvious areas to seal are windows and doors. Use weather stripping and caulk. For a comprehensive analysis of your home’s leakage, have a home energy audit to quantify and locate your leakage sites. Once measured, the improvement achieved through sealing and other measures can be quantified and may qualify you for rebates on your work through Xcel Energy.

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