Saving energy and reducing your carbon footprint at your place of business is easier than you think, and it will save you money, too. Start here with some simple and easy energy conservation tips!

Occupant Behavior

  • Simple changes in habits and office culture can save significant amounts of energy. Are lights left on when workers leave? Are computers on 24/7?  In many cases, timers or occupancy sensors can control the use of lights so they are on only when being used.
  • Create a Green Team in your place of business to encourage a culture of energy savings and waste reduction.


  • Lighting retrofits are typically the quickest way to improve a commercial building’s energy efficiency.
  • Use daylighting where possible. When designing your office space, consider access to daylighting to maximize energy savings as well as enhance productivity.
  • De-lamp and use task lighting rather than overhead lighting where appropriate.
  • Replace incandescent bulbs with fluorescent or LED bulbs to reduce energy used for lighting by up to 70%.

Equipment Maintenance

  • Dirty filters, ducts and registers hinder energy efficiency and indoor air quality. Create a maintenance plan/schedule for your mechanical equipment and assign responsibility for following it.
  • Replace inefficient equipment with Energy Star rated equipment when equipment reaches the end of its useful life.

Have other ideas for saving energy in residential and commercial buildings? Leave a comment below!