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Sustainability Snapshot: Julie Smith

Meet this month’s “Sustainability Snapshot,” Julie Smith, and learn more about their efforts to live sustainably: Julie is a partner in Aspire Colorado, LLC, - an environmentally conscious company that provides natural personal care products and household products with the goal of cleaning up our environment, one product at a time. What inspired you to adopt more sustainable practices in your [MORE...]

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Cozy Up at Home for an Environmental Film Night!

Environmental documentaries tend to be - *ahem*- a tad bleak. Rightfully so, we suppose. The truth about climate change, species extinction, and ecosystem collapse is dire. However, us long-time environmentalists at ESA tend to gravitate toward the films that offer a solution, that inspire, that spark action among viewers since we know only dropping the negative news makes folks feel [MORE...]

Sustainability Snapshot: Susan Stearns

Meet this month’s “Sustainability Snapshot,” Susan Stearns, and learn more about their efforts to live sustainably: What inspired you to adopt more sustainable practices in your life? Susan Stearns is a longtime Evergreen resident, tireless volunteer, and retired local attorney. She is a member of Evergreen Sustainability Alliance’s Action Council. She recently added ESA to her planned giving strategy. [MORE...]

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Community Solar: How It Works & Opportunity for ESA Members to Go Renewable!

Want to make the switch to renewable energy but your house isn't right for solar panels? Worried about the commitment? SunShare Community Solar is your answer! WHO Xcel Energy customers who are members of the Evergreen Sustainability Alliance WHAT Community Solar is utilizing renewable, solar energy from a solar garden located nearby in Colorado - check out this video from [MORE...]

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We Did a Lot in 2020! Support Us for an Even Better 2021!

Dear Friend and Supporter of the Evergreen Sustainability Alliance,  Happy Holidays! The Evergreen Sustainability Alliance team (formerly Evergreen’s Alliance for Sustainability + You or EAS+Y) hopes that you consider a year-end donation to us. We made a big impact in 2020 thanks to your support!  This is a critically important time to mitigate the climate crisis. With record wildfires ravaging our nation [MORE...]

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